Over Analysis and Paralysis

Over Analysis and Paralysis

Most of us find ourselves paralyzed by analysis or jumping at the first feasible business platform presented to us
when it comes to starting our own web based business.

We find ourselves obsessing over aesthetic details or the perfect domain name. Both options yield the same results—none. The truth is that the vast majority of online entrepreneurs don’t need a web development firm to get started online. We need to set up a hosting account, find a decent website theme (template) and then
a good shopping cart plugin. We need to know what products we are going to sell, and then we need to send traffic to our offers. But that’s not sexy, is it?

Instead, we watch webinars with internet gurus who make endless presentations about the latest tactic for generating sales without ever being held accountable
for their advice (which doesn't work for us more than 50 percent of the time). They always show us PayPal account pictures with thousands of payments which is enticing but nothing else. And we look to these so-called “experts” more than ever when setting up our first business. “Go with Affiliate marketing!” “No, Sell info products.” As long as there is a flashy splash page, we’re drawn to it.

Why? Because we love to second guess our plans. When we do, we somehow feel as if we are being productive. We are really just spinning our wheels and failing to get started running our business. We feel as if we are doing our due diligence, and it’s a good feeling. We feel like we’re getting somewhere. The problem is that this feeling is totally illusory. Focusing on these details is the easiest way to get nothing done.

Imagine the last time your friend asked about your online business. Did you say it was up and running? Did you say its going just like I said it would? Or did you say I am still working on my plans? People love to make excuses that absolves them from actually having to do anything. You know what? Lets use what we know and get started running our web based business. I decided to begin setting up my business with the information I had and look for help as needed. Take the small steps to start your business but definitely getting up and running.

Just as you don’t have to be a certified nutritionist to lose weight or an automotive engineer to drive a car, you don’t have to know everything about web development to start a web based business.

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