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About OnPreneursOnPreneurs.com is for anyone that has a yearning to begin or grow an Idea into a productive web-based business. You don’t have to have a business idea, you don’t have to know all about the internet, you just need to be ready to begin your journey into the world of the Online Entrepreneur. OnPreneurs.com can be a resource for you and you can be an invaluable resource to the other entrepreneurs.

Online Entrepreneurship must be looked at from a broader perspective than the traditional viewpoint of individuals creating and developing businesses for economic purposes and profit. Inventiveness, creativity and innovation at group, enterprise or society level does not come down to the simple sum of the entrepreneurship mindset of the individuals they consist of. Therefore the levels of development of entrepreneurship should be differentiated. Keep track of the various developments in the world of the online entrepreneur.

The Small Business Administration estimates there are 580,900 new small businesses opening each year and that number does not include the small one-person entrepreneur ships that pop up every day. However even if you are your business's sole employee then there is still something to be learned from the SBA's numbers.

According to the SBA, two-thirds of new businesses survive at least two years and 44 percent survive at least four years. Two of the key factors in the businesses survival and ability to thrive: the owner's education level and the owner's reason for starting the firm in the first place.

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OnPreneurs.com will provide you with the training and resources you need for launching, maintaining and growing a web based business. Articles, blogs, discussion forums, products for sale, online training, web development, web-based services and turnkey websites.